Fruit carving class in Bangkok

I usually attend a cooking class or two in Bangkok each year. This year, I decided to take up fruit carving classes instead. There are several schools offering fruit carving classes in Bangkok, but I decide on May Kaidee Cooking School since I have heard good reviews about them. I also wanted to check out their vegetarian restaurant, I’ve also heard they are the best.

There were three students that day, I’m guessing I’m the least artistic of them! One was a chef and another was a student who was taking the 10-day cooking course. Our first lesson was really a practice on handling the carving knife. It looked so easy when our instructor was demonstrating it to us, but when I did it myself, I found it difficult to control.

So the triangles I was making was uneven in size much to my constenation. But after practicing on several pumpkin sliced, I got better at it. Above picture is something I have practiced at home. It’s a little more uniform.

Next we made lotus flowers using onions.You cut deep triangles around the midsection of the onion after which you can separate the halves. Separate the onion peels and assemble them again, with triangles in alternation positions. It did look like a lotus flower if I may say so. A tomato flower looks easy to make. Just peel the skin then assemble the skin into a flower. Or so I thought. It takes a lot of effort and control just to peel the skin evenly.

The day went by and we were able to make several pumpkin rose flowers, decorative red chillis, and a watermelon to carve. Pictured above were the students’ work. I enjoyed the day and learned a lot not only of fruit carving but also of being patient, of looking at thinks in 3D rather than looking flat at objects. It makes me wonder, each time I practice at home, how changing depth and angles can result into 3D shapes. And yes, until now I keep on practicing my fruit carving skills.


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