Deer Pitlok coffeeshop

I’m checking out this new coffee shop about 20km from the office. It’s Saturday, I was planning to visit my nurseries and there I was in the intersection, turning left to the office. I saw the traffic light go green, to signal I can go left or go straight. And on the spur of the moment I decided to go straight. It goes up to Lomsak Highway, a mountainous area where you can find several waterfalls, cute and cool coffee shops, an elephant sanctuary, and more… If I want to really get close to nature, I drive through this place, find a coffee shop to relax, take a walk near one of the waterfalls, you get the drift…

I’ve seen this construction for several months already, and I’m glad they have opened already. Can’t wait to try their steaks. I’ve heard they are promoting deer steaks… would love to try that!There is a steak house, a coffee shop, a souvenir shop, and even resort in this complex. ┬áSince they open at 7 am, it would be interesting to drive up here for breakfast, perhaps bring Pasta with me.
The coffee shop offers the useful hot and called coffee and tea drinks, some cakes, and one can order from the steak house and eat the dish in the shop. Wifi was very fast, which is a plus for me.

I am often mistaken for a Thai, and my Thai language has been rudimentary despit the four years here. I don’t often correct them, unless the conversation becomes too complicated or I can’t catch up. Anyway, I ordered black coffee at the coffee shop and requested for some Coffee mate (they won’t understand if I as for creamer). I really don’t know what happened, I must have misunderstood them or they must have misunderstood me as I got a cup of black coffee and a cup of tea! I learned later that the tea was free.

Looks like I have a new hangout!

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