Buying Pasta’s dog food

good-girl-pasta.jpgSo Pasta was in dog school for two months. She came very healthy, muscular, and less prone to hairfall. I was interested to know what they fed her. The recommended the dog food “gato” as this was high in protein and most of the dog kennels use. They also told me not to feed her rice as it promotes hairfall in dogs. So off to the grocery I went, and looked for “gato”. I came home empty handed. My Thai officemate helped me searched for it in Google using the Thai spelling and came up with this dog food: Gusto.

Ahh… Gusto! I should have remembered my Thai reading lessons. The G sound is represented by the letter ก which is pronounced as gow-gai. The way it is pronouced is a mixed of G and K sounds. The letter u is usually the equivalent of the vowel อั which has an “a” (as in apple) sound. And the S-sounding letters such as ส or ษ or ศ  is pronounced with a T sound whenever they are the last letter of a syllable. So yeah, it’s really “gato”.pasta-at-attention.jpg

I went back to the grocery and came home with a bag of Gusto dog food.

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