A day at the the waterfalls

Going to a nearby waterfall park is a favorite past time for Pasta and me. The place, Sakunothayan Waterfall is about 40km from the city of Phitsanulok.


You can walk among the rocks on top of the waterfall. In the pciture, you can see Pasta peeking over the rim of the falls, while I, on the otherhand, is holding her in a leash and taking her picture at the same time!

A few meters down, the basin of the waterfall is a swimming area. On summer weekends, there are a lot of people who come here for a swim.


A hiking trail leads to a nearby forest. I usually let Pasta bathe on top of the waterfall, where the water is clear and shallow and big rocks block a straight drop down the waterfall. She’s on a leash of course. In case she takes it in her mind to dive!


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