30-day challenge #1: 10,000 steps

Just this morning, I saw a ¬†friend of mine shared this link on 8 Life-Changing Lessons You Can Learn in Under 30 minutes. It’s a compilation of 3-minute Ted talks that is equally amazing, empowering, and life-changing as the normal 18-20 minutes talks. Number 1 on the list stuck with me the most, Matt Cutts (of Google)’s Try Something New for 30 Days. What the heck, I must as well follow his advice.

What’s been really challenging me is increasing my walking time. I have a Mykronoz smart watch to count my steps each day, my goal is at least 8,000 steps. I could never reach that number consistently. So I chose this as my first challenge – 10,000 steps a day for 30 days.

I’ve already achieved Day 1!



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