30 Day Challenge #1: 10,000 steps – Day 2

My second day of walking 10,000 steps a day for my first 30 Day Challenge. Went out for a brief walk in the morning then a longer walk in the afternoon. A man on a bike got to talking with me, in Thai, and we understood each other! Apparently he came from the village garden and harvested some vegetables. After a brief interview of where I am from, what I’m doing here in Thailand, how long I have been here and then me asking him where he came from, where he lives, his family… he gave me two pieces of white eggplant! The white eggplant is a fascination as this is my first time to see one. I shall be enjoying tortang talong this week! Not bad for a day’s walk.


Finished up to 7100 steps before a conference call then resumed after an hour. It was drizzling so I walked with my umbrella. I’m tired but happy that my Day 2 is a success. Here’s hoping I wake up early for a morning walk.

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